Name is Autumn. 23 y.o. Napa Valley, CA. Birth doula, fat acceptance activist, happily married feminist, college graduate, soon to be teacher. Find me under auaulynn on instagram :)

Yesterday we had a tire blowout while driving. Pretty scary. Even more scary was the $160 charged for a new tire at our rural mechanic. Waaah.

But tomorrow I’m going to the CA state fair! Woohoo! I’ve only skipped going there 2 years of my 23 years. If anyone wants to say hi while I’m there, let me know :) my hubby and brother will be there too tho, jsyk lol

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Btw I wore yoga pants as pants yesterday at Six Flags and no one died, no one threw up or made fun or anything (at least not to my face haha). Of course it definitely helps that I’m a smaller fat, but I am continuously surprised and saddened at how I used to allow my low self-esteem and poor body image govern my clothing choices.

Six Flags solo adventure = success! So many water rides (which left me walking around drenched all day), so much good food, sweet animals, and tons of selfies ;D

I’m at Six Flags by myself and having a blast. Who says you can’t have fun doing things on your own lol

Anonymous asked:

oh my GOSH those pink shorts are the CUTEST THINGS EVERRR AND YOU LOOK SO GOOD. where did you get them? i need me a pair like asap oh my gosh.

Forever21+! I’m wearing them in 3x. I just bought them in black too.

Anonymous asked:

What size ring are you? I'm a 9 and I can't seem to find cute rings ANYWHERE

Oh man, yeah sadly most f21 rings only go up to size 8. My wedding band and engagement ring are 6.75, but I think Kohl’s has cute rings up to size 10 :)


don’t shit on people for having self confidence and being happy with their appearance like how bitter are you


Things that are wrong with how your body looks:
1. Nothing
2. Nothing
3. Literally nothing



My fat body is not a problem to be solved.

I am not a “before” picture.

I am not a work in progress.

I am complete.

100% THIS.


fat people are allowed to exist without your shitty approval stop acting like you care about people’s health fuck off


i still can’t get behind the whole ~*~cute girls making ugly/thumb faces~*~ trend because the majority of the ugly part literally comes from them giving themselves double chins and fat people already have enough problems trying to accept their chins as they are so no thanksss~

Sooo many people on here have been saying I look like drew barrymore, and it’s really funny cuz when I talk my mouth looks a lot like her’s too (like how it’s kinda twisted to one side) and y’all have never even seen me talk haha